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Dog Trainer Bolton has years of experience in balanced dog training methods, developing a deep understanding of dog behaviour and dog-owner psychology. Our sessions are remarkably effective and we can help with dog behavioural issues of all kinds, bar none.

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Balanced Dog Training Breeds Success

There is no such thing as ‘untrainable’.

Dog Trainer Bolton has years of experience in balanced dog training methods, developing a deep understanding of dog behaviour and dog-owner psychology. Our sessions are remarkably effective and we can help with dog behavioural issues of all kinds, bar none.

The vast majority of dogs can be trained to have basic manners, respect and unwanted behaviours removed regardless of breed, size, shape or age. This even holds true for dogs that openly present as aggressive.

For dogs
It’s simple - we train bad dogs to be good dogs

For owners
We teach stressed owners how to become calm and confident dog handlers

We visit clients in the North of the UK to provide effective dog training and behaviour modification for dogs with problems. With over 35 years’ experience in the field, we’re very good at it.

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Core Services

A variety of carefully planned training services and sessions that can have a huge impact on your dog’s behaviour.

Aggressive dogs are a nightmare for owners. An aggressive dog is a scared dog and punishment only makes things worse. If your dog over reacts when presented with other canines then this specifically designed program is exactly what you need. Fear and aggression behaviours towards other dogs and other people do not self-resolve; they have to be targeted effectively to improve. If left, these behaviours can become more exaggerated and more frequent. We can help restore you and your dog to calm in just two sessions.

Tailored to your dog
Decreased reactivity towards dogs and people
Desensitise your dog to sounds and objects
Improve dog-owner relationship

No one likes being left alone; the same is true of your dog. Separation anxiety can present as light crying, panic episodes or stress-like behaviours when you leave the house or even the same room as your dog. Often, this anxiety develops due to a lack of leadership and poor relationship foundation between owner and dog. Our specialist separation anxiety sessions have a remarkable track-record in resolving these behaviours and most dogs can be managed in just two sessions.

Understand leader mentality
Understand what your dog needs
Develop a better relationship

Dogs will often defend objects like shoes, bones, human food and a range of other items. The defence usually the takes the form of snapping, growling and snarling which can be disconcerting for owners. Whilst perhaps not as threatening or immediately stressful as other behaviours resource guarding can grow gradually worse, and with just two of our sessions, we’ll teach you how to manage and reduce resource guarding behaviours.

Increased owner confidence
Reduce resource guarding instances
Manage dog behaviour

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks. While we have proven that to be completely untrue, the importance of good training early on cannot be understated. To the trained eye, puppies tell their owners what they need from you – we help you see that early on so you can develop a stronger relationship with your dog.

Begin basic obedience
Learn how to socialise your puppy
What NOT to do with your puppy
Learn basic behaviours

Rather shockingly, almost all dog behavioural problems can be resolved through the course of just two of our sessions. No word of a lie. That’s why we are the experts. Quickly developing a strong relationship based on clear communication is the key to all of this – no mixed signals just straight-forward instruction. Real world results are what matter and that’s what we provide. If your dog presents with aggression, fearfulness, anxiety or other unruly behaviours, we can help in two effective sessions.

Learn how to use effective training tools
ANY issue can be addressed
Methods tailored to your dog
Money back guarantee

The Big Mac of training sessions is available nationwide. See your dog transform in 14 days of effective and careful training followed by a full handover session. As part of this session, your dog will be socialised with other canines as well as children and adults. Your dog will be the only one in residence and our full attention lies with them. This programme is ideal of dogs lacking basic obedience as well as stressed nervous or aggressive dogs.

What should expect at the conclusion?
Calm behaviour
Basic obedience skills
Walk your dog at any time!
A dog that understands boundaries

The Importance of Balanced Training

There are two methods when it comes to dog training; it’s that simple. These can be summarised as the ‘All Positive’ method which revolves around luring and treats for desired behaviour. The main issue open-minded dog trainers have with this method is that owners never establish themselves as leaders, just as the human with the treats which dogs like.

‘Balanced’ methods involve clear establishment of authority and a relationship based on communication; it’s about obtaining the true respect of your dog. Balanced methods involve negative correction AND positive reinforcement – teaching your dog right from wrong. Of the two methods, the balanced form has consistently been shown to be more effective for behaviour modification and the speed of the results, when conducted by an experienced trainer, can be awe inspiring. At Dog Trainer Bolton we proudly pursue balanced training methods because they are good for you and the dog.


Why choose Dog Trainer Bolton?

We transform canines into their best selves using effective and balanced training methods and we succeed where other trainers fail. Here are just some of the reasons to choose us.

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Unmatched Experience

Over 35 years of accumulating dog behavioural and training knowledge has seen Dog Trainer Bolton successfully train thousands of canines of all sizes, ages and breeds. You won’t find more qualified modern canine trainers in the North of the UK.

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Dangerous Dog Experts

The overwhelming majority of dogs, even those that are aggressive, can be trained successfully to have basic manners and respect. If you have a dog that demonstrates aggressive tendencies and you are struggling to manage, you’ve come to the right trainers.

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Wide Area of Coverage

Dog Trainer Bolton covers a wide area in the North of England from Manchester and all the surrounding towns to Liverpool and wider Lancashire.


Unique and Balanced Methods

Dogs are all different, from temperament to size. As such, each requires their own unique training regime to gain the most benefit. Dog Trainer Bolton avoids a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to training and instead gets to known each dog and owner to more effectively address behaviour and relationship issues.

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Cost Effective

Unruly dogs don’t just take a toll on your health they can burden your wallet as well if you have to pay for things like extra cleaning, repairs (or for training sessions that didn’t help!). When it comes to training, trying to go cheap can leave you with an ineffective solution. Dog Trainer Bolton fairly prices our training packages and has a stellar track record of success.

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